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Transitioning to secondary school can be very exciting but at the same time daunting for any young person. We aim to ensure a supportive start for all students moving up to Healing Academy. In the summer of their Year 6, we offer two full days of transition where quality time is set aside for our new Year 7s to get to know their Tutors, learn their way around the buildings, meet new friends, plus learn routines and expectations, all to gain a good insight into life at secondary so there are no worries over the summer. If you feel your child would benefit from additional transition opportunities, we can arrange this through our SENCO; Mrs Hall.

At ҹAV, we seek to inspire greatness in every child and to equip them with the academic achievements, life skills and personal attributes to lead happy, safe, successful lives. Which is most certainly true at Healing Academy. By choosing Healing Academy, parents can be reassured they are selecting the best school for their child; one where we shall ensure that not only will they succeed academically, but will also benefit from a wide range of enrichment activities and opportunities. As a student, we promise that you will be coming to a school that has a caring, child centred approach that will focus on helping you to achieve the best possible outcomes and therefore enable you to go on to achieve the best possible future.

Healing is committed to making the Transition process from primary to secondary as smooth and easy as possible. We work in close collaboration with our feeder primary schools to share information and best practice, in order to best support all students who come to us.

The Pastoral care offered to students at Healing is second to none. Our team of pastoral specialists combine a child centred and caring ethos with many years of experience supporting young people. Each year group has a Learning Manager, a non-teaching member of staff whose role is dedicated to making sure that children are supported. The pastoral team ensure that students have the best possible transition from Year 6 into Year 7. Moving to secondary school is an exciting time in a child’s life but it can also lead to anxieties for both children and parents.

During the Transition process we invest time in getting to know the students so they are familiar with the key staff around the school; staff who are always available to offer help or reassurance where needed. We ensure the most common worries like ‘who do I go to if I have a problem?’, ‘what do I do if I don’t feel well?’, and ‘what if I get lost?’ are answered before students join us. Our aim is that, at the end of the Transition process, students feel excited about joining us.

This year to aid the Transition process even further when your child comes to Healing Academy they will mostly be following a timetable that will allow them to have a ‘taste’ of the types of lessons they will have in September. They will also get to meet their tutor and have a ‘treasure hunt’ around the Academy, so that they are familiar with their surroundings, their tutor and most of the teachers before they officially start with us in September.

The Transition days will be Thursday and Friday the 4th & 5th July, if your child is making their own way to Healing Academy, please ensure they arrive at least ten minutes before the Academy day begins (8.30am). Their day will end at 2:50pm. If your child is to travel on a school bus, more information will be shared shortly about pick up times and locations.

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